Research & Development

Since the establishment of a precision chemistry research institute in 2009, LKCEM Co., Ltd. has been focusing on research and development of materials using silicon and acrylic. Recently, advanced professionals are taking the lead in developing new technologies through creative research activities to quickly respond to customer needs

Featured Research Areas

Manufacturing various silicon compound syntheses

Developing silicone oligomer and oil soluble polymer

Developing a high-k thin film precursor for semiconductor/display devices

Developing an organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite precursor

Developing the acrylic-based polymer synthesis

Securing technology for mass synthesis of ligands and precursors

다양한 Silicone 화합물 합성 기술 보유 및 제조

Silicone Oligomer, Oil soluble polymer 개발

반도체/디스플레이 소자용 고유전 박막 전구체 개발
유무기 하이브리드 페로브스카이트 전구체 개발
아크릴 기반 폴리머 합성 연구개발
리간드 및 전구체 대량 합성 기술 확보
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