We will become a global company that pursues the happiness of customers, executives, and shareholders based on cutting edge technology and creative solutions.

High Technology

LK CHEM Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented company that has achieved continuous innovation and development since 2007 based on the silicon chemical materials business. Excellent research personnel are constantly working on research and development to realize the best customer satisfaction through the finest technology, top-notch product production, and differentiated customer support.

Creative Solution

As a precision chemical company, we have succeeded in localization by developing our original, new technologies ranging from cosmetics raw materials to precursors and ligands for semiconductor production, thereby accomplishing import substitution and contributing to our national economy through overseas export.

No.1 And Only 1

We are always thankful for the attention of our customers and will become a global company that pursues the well-being of not only our customers, executives, and shareholders, but also our community as a whole.

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